Here is the link we used to start this process:

Based on the responses, generally folks are available Monday and Tuesday at 2:00PM US/Eastern time. This works for me, how about the rest?

Others can feel free to still add their preferences into that doodle calendar so we can find the optimal times.


On Jun 4, 2009, at 10:21 PM, Eric Steele wrote:

Alright folks... now that I'm officially official, it's time we sat down and talked. I'd like to get some sort of phone/iChat/Skype conference together.

We're never going to get 11 geographically-diverse people together at the same time, but it'd be great to find something that works for the majority of us. Can I get a volunteer to get this organized?

I know that the trunk team had a "regular" time they'd set up and only used once. Since, er... more than half...I think... of you are on that team as well, is that still an option? I definitely don't want to cut in on Hanno's time with you, but if it's there and not being used, I'm inclined to make a grab at it. ;)


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