Hello everyone,

As promised, here's a summary of today's meeting on Skype then IRC.

- David Glick
- Alec Mitchell
- Ross Patterson
- Eric Steele
- Matthew Wilkes

- Timescales for Plone 4
- Zope 2.12
- PLIP process
- Spokesman
- Future meetings

Summary of discussion:

Looked at Hanno's old spreadsheet of ideas http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=rFHYANxtkRfGYchi1QuS5dA which quickly descended into a discussion of the merits of zope2 style interfaces, broken up by Skype failing.

Eric would like a release on 1st December 2009 and something to show to conference. We discussed PLIP deadlines, wiggy noted past FWTs never meet deadlines, ES cracked the whip about holding us to account.

Discussed risks of Zope 2.12 and CMF 2.2, consensus around the BBB changes being small compared to the wins associated. Few add-on packages use them, although RP knows some.

DG's branch of Products.CMFPlone has a BACKWARDS_COMPATIBILITY.txt to keep track of things that should be documented for the upgrade.

A few PLIP deadlines were discussed before settling on midnight PST on the 20th June for submissions, and 28th June for reviews. Submission would open immediately.

Implementation deadline decision delayed pending a tentative release schedule from ES.

PLIPs to be added to trac, assigning a milestone of 4.0 is what triggers them being considered submitted to FWT.

This needed to be communicated to people in general, Erik Rose was mentioned as the spokesman for the trunk FWT. MW pointed out that this could leave him overworked when 4.x and 5.x are both active. ES pointed out that ER is on vacation, therefore he can't say no to more work at the moment, but equally can't announce things until the weekend. AM nominated MW, MW wishes he kept his mouth shut.

MW actioned to send this mail, as well as an announcement of the PLIP process starting.

A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 23rd June 1800 UTC. Another was not scheduled for 30th June due to conflict with EuroPython. A date will be set during the meeting of the 23rd.

Apologies if I've missed anything, hadn't been minuting from the start, had to do it retrospectively. I'm sure someone else will chime in if I did miss something important.


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