Hello, Framework Team!

I, myself, don't have any questions or issues about the PLIP deadline
for 4.0. I'm not planning on submitting any PLIPs.

Over the past two weeks, though, while chatting in IRC with various
framework team members and other core Plone people, at least 5 have
mentioned, without my prompting, that the deadline for 4.0 PLIPs seemed
awfully fast in coming, and they wondered whether it may have been too

I don't know what the discussion was like in deciding on this date. It
may still be the right decision to have it end now. I'm just suggesting
that, if it seems that quite a few people may think that this is a
slightly-too-soon date, that you may benefit from having that
conversation (sometimes, groupthink kicks in and everyone might be
assuming "this is too soon, but I'm the only person who probably thinks
that, so no point bringing it up.") 

Just want to make sure that's not what happens.

In any event, have a wonderful PLIP season! I look forward to teaching
what you invent. ;)

Your biggest fan,

- j.

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