Hi Hanno,

Well, I really hate having default content around, that I have to
delete all the time and people use in tests that later on break if we
change it. The initial content just won't make sense for many sites
and people waste huge amount of times to try to get the initial
content to match some form of uber-use-case. Has anyone looked at how
much time people spent of fixing the nested "past events" collection?
Except that everyone really thinks that nested collections are a bad
idea in general and they actually don't really work? And then we have
the infamous "front-page" which welcomes our users to Plone 3.0 with
the exact same message up until today? We don't update these things
and there's no one driving it. I'd just rather have something be part
of the installers that welcomes new users and points to some section
on plone.org for continuously updated information. An updated guide on
plone.org about "Your first steps with Plone - how to create content"
and a "How to organize your content (simple information architecture)"
stuff would be more helpful and allow users to feel in charge of the
content in their site. Right now first time users can't really tell,
if those initial folders are content or part of the application logic
and won't dare to change them. Not to mention that they create hard
problems in multi-lingual settings, where you actually want to layout
your site quite differently. So +1 one a "welcome screen" that isn't
content in itself but a big -100 on any content in a new site. That's
what demo.plone.org would be for.

That was a long paragraph.

I think it's important that Plone has at least a welcome page when you install it. Staring at a blank folder_listing is going to put off new users. We can probably bet rid of the News and Events collections, though.

We need an instance of some sort to have a place for the zope.conf and
site.zcml and start/stop script for one. Since we want to support ZEO
and the http port of the webserver is in the zope.conf file, we need
the ability to have multiple instances. Since we will need to change
quite a bit of that stuff when WSGI hits, I'd rather try to mimic the
current behavior / layout as closely as possibly for 4.0, so we don't
invalidate the documentation twice.

Yeah, +1


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