- David Glick
- Alec Mitchell
- Ross Patterson
- Raphael Ritz
- Erik Rose
- Eric Steele
- Matthew Wilkes


 * Eric needs a new headset.
 * Haven't heard from Calvin lately. Eric will check in with him.
* We have 57 PLIPs to evaluate, more than any previous version of Plone (we're told), with less time than any other major release. #$&@! * Keep initial review period as short as possible, we'll try to finish before next week's meeting. Can go over any problem areas then.
 * PLIP gardening:
* Mark any incomplete or excessively ill-formatted PLIPs as "invalid" with a friendly message asking submitter for some cleanup. They can be reopened and considered once they're in an improved state. * Between those and the obvious yes/no submissions, we should reach a much more manageable number for more in-depth review. * Will set up a Trac page to track PLIPs and who will be investigating each. * Would be helpful to be automatically CC'ed on all PLIP changes. Would be too much noise for the FWT list, let's create a new one. Ross will try to get that set up. * Schedule of deadlines at Everyone feels comfortable with the Aug 16 initial implementation deadline. Will allow 6.5 weeks of work. * Timing of call is somewhat inconvenient for some. We'll see if we can reschedule. New poll at, please fill out before next week. We'll meet weekly from now on.

I think that was everything. Apologies for not getting names all names and tasks matched up, I don't recognize you all by voice yet. ;)

Calliflower seemed to work well enough. If there are no objections, I'll ask the foundation board to set us up with an account.
Audio version is available at


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