#9329: Manage actions through-the-plone
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Comment(by hannosch):

 One thing to keep in mind is that so far there was a deliberate
 distinction between the Plone control panel and the ZMI. Anything listed
 in the Plone control panel should be targeted at normal users or site

 The ZMI and some more screens like the ramcache-controlpanel and manage-
 viewlets where not put into the Plone control panel as these are targeted
 at a much more technical audience. Developing / customizing the theme
 itself is a ZMI or file system task so far on purpose.

 I feel that exposing actions with their arbitrary Python expressions is
 not something for the site administrator audience. We already do have a UI
 in the actions tool and even if that is not looking too good, I don't see
 how you can actually simplify it in a way that requires less knowledge or
 no Python coding skills.

 Maybe if the PLIP contained some more information on how exactly these
 things should be shown and what information would be exposed, I might feel
 more comfortable with the idea. If it would only be about showing/hiding
 some of the actions for example, that would be something I'd consider to
 be useful.

 Otherwise I feel this is just trying to slowly replace the ZMI with a UI
 looking Plone-ish for no real benefit if just done for one or two random
 places, instead of trying to replace the ZMI wholesale.

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