#9329: Manage actions through-the-plone
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Comment(by raphael):

 I've mixed feelings about this PLIP. One concern is that we would add even
 more confusion if we need to explain that there are now two different
 "kinds of actions": those managed TTP versus those managed through ZMI
 although we are dealing with the same action machinery.

 I also don't by the argument of "being nicer". To use actions sensibly you
 need to know TALES. If you require that you can also handle the ZMI.

 I'd turn it around and use the future perspective (moving away from CMF
 actions) as an argument in favor of this PLIP if we can be confident that
 whatever will come up can be handled through the same UI - ideally without
 changing it later even. So if this could be turned into a path moving
 forward (like managing CMF actions now while supporting "action tiles" or
 whatever later on) I'd be +1 on this.

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