#7822: Make standard file content types use ZODB BLOB support
 Reporter:  limi            |        Owner:  witsch  
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 Priority:  major           |    Milestone:  4.0     
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Comment(by witsch):

 Replying to [comment:34 erikrose]:
 > I think work should continue on this, hopefully for Plone 4, so my FWT
 vote is +1.

 hmm, perhaps i should mention again here, that `plone.app.blob` tries hard
 to be backwards-compatible with the existing `ATFile` and `ATImage` types.
 i've been running all tests from `CMFPlone`, `ATContentTypes` as well as
 `Archetypes` with the new blob-based types dropped in.  they've been
 passing for "File" content for quite some time now while support for
 "Image" content still has a few issues.

 of course, passing tests alone don't say too much as our test base doesn't
 cover everything, esp not ttw editing and such.  otoh, i think it's a good
 indicator that the package can already be used in production (i.e. the
 "File" type), and a number of people have also successfully done so...

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