#9283: A more lightweight backend for collections
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Comment(by erikrose):

 * How much do products currently depend on Collections API that would
 change? How popular are custom criteria in the wild? These could hurt
 hands-free migration, so I like Calvin's idea of a manual, optional
  * I'd encourage the implementors to work closely with Hanno on this to
 make sure any API changes change once: not now and then again in 5. It
 sounds like they already have this in mind.
  * If we're going to do this in 4.x, my guts tell me it should be in 4.0;
 from a site manager's point of view, it seems a scary change for a .x
  * Can we get a UI (''any'' UI) for reordering Subfolders along with this?
 I've had that request and personally done the crazy ZMI manual-bubble-sort
 workarounds for it.

 As others point out, this PLIP is light on detail, so I'll be light on my
 opinion. FWT vote +1 so we can see what comes of it. We can always take a
 step back during reviews if it doesn't work out. (My ulterior motive is
 that I want the [ticket:9295 better Collections UI] that depends on this!)

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