#9320: Add global status bar for site notifications
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 Priority:  n/a             |    Milestone:  4.0
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Comment(by erikrose):

 * The Site configlet is just where I expected this would be—right next to
 the "throw your JS in here" field—so color one user unastonished. :-)
  * What happens in Plone 5? It sounds like this should become a tile in a
 layout, editable through whatever the tile-editing UI ends up being.

 I haven't run into this use case among our clients, and Joel's experience
 of a lack of demand for this carries a lot of weight with me—he sees a lot
 of folks. I'm on the make-it-a-plugin side of the fence, so my FWT vote is
 -1. Can't wait to recommend the plugin to people, though!

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