I am on my way to vacation with my family, and cannot do anything until Monday at the earliest. I have discussed the search results improvements with Laurens before he submitted his, and the two plips are accidental. They are 95% the same plip. I'll coordinate and make sure there will not be 2 implementations. - but if the plips have to be merged before Monday, someone else needs to do it. (feel free). Sorry abut the delay.

Geir Bækholt

On 2. juli 2009, at 18.52, Alec Mitchell <ap...@columbia.edu> wrote:

Hello Geir and Laurens:

Both of your search results PLIPs (9271, 9282) were approved by the
Framework Team for inclusion in Plone 4.0.  However, all voters
expressed a strong preference that the two PLIPs and the effort to
implement them be merged.  It would not be acceptable to have two
competing implementations of the same feature(s) submitted for code
review.  It is essential that you open a discussion and work together
to merge your efforts.  Please keep the Framework Team apprised of the
results of your discussion by re-submitting a single combined PLIP

Thank you,
Alec Mitchell

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