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Jon Stahl wrote:
On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 12:07 AM, Geir Bækholt ·
Jarn<baekh...@jarn.com> wrote:
There is a step missing here: contributors must not only have signed
agreement, they must explicitly allow that specific code to be
donated to
the foundation. Signing the contributor agreement does not mean all
code can be moved at will to the foundation.

Yes, of course. Implied but omitted. My bad. Thanks.

So, my question is: what qualifies as "explicit" agreement? Does it
have to be "on the permanent record" in some manner?

In our business, an email that you keep tends to be enough. I would:

- Ask the relevant people by email
- Ask them to reply by email giving explicit consent
- Store those emails "forever"
- Make a note in a CONTRIBUTORS.txt or similar that these people
consented on a particular date

If that's ever in dispute, you can go back to those emails.

I don't see a reason for any kind of "wet signature" so long as
they've signed the contributor agreement. We're not *trying* to be
difficult. :)

The whole point of the agreement and the conservatory is that we have a solid legal basis. I would really like to see an informed legal opinion on the requirements for moving existing code to foundation ownership. Without that I fear we may be on dangerous ground and risk making the separate repository useless.


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