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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
On 8/7/09 12:13 , Wichert Akkerman wrote:

I'm afraid I also don't buy the lookup mechanism mentioned in the PDF:
you are essentialy creating a persistent cache system, which means that
suddenly page views can trigger ZODB writes, which is very bad for high
performance sites. It also will miss all user changes created directly
in external user sources such as LDAP, AD and SQL databases, leading to
incorrect and possibly correct behaviour.

That should be 'possibly confusing'


Hi Wichert,

This all has been discussed in the PLIP proposal, so please contact the
framework team for that.

I just checked the history of the trac ticket since I was surprised the framework missed this. The framework team has only voted on the idea of using a users full name instead of the userid in the Plone user interface. The implementation proposal was added three weeks, and will be taken into account in the next review round when the PLIP implementations will be reviewed. So please consider this a very early (and very unofficial since I am not a framework team member) review comment: I do like the idea to use a users full name, but I do see some problems with the current implementation strategy that should be addressed.


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