2009/7/29 Martin Aspeli <optil...@gmail.com>

> 2009/7/29 Jon Stahl <jonst...@gmail.com>:
> > So, my question is: what qualifies as "explicit" agreement?  Does it
> > have to be "on the permanent record" in some manner?
> In our business, an email that you keep tends to be enough. I would:
>  - Ask the relevant people by email
>  - Ask them to reply by email giving explicit consent
>  - Store those emails "forever"
>  - Make a note in a CONTRIBUTORS.txt or similar that these people
> consented on a particular date
> If that's ever in dispute, you can go back to those emails.
> I don't see a reason for any kind of "wet signature" so long as
> they've signed the contributor agreement. We're not *trying* to be
> difficult. :)

+1. One thing that SFLC taught us is that any lawyer will always advice you
to have their name signed in blood etc, to make *really* sure that nothing
goes wrong. In practice, as long as you can show reasonable intent (and an
email should be plenty, if there's forgery going on, that's a different
issue), so I think this should be good enough. Keeping the dates in a text
file is also convenient.

FWIW, Mozilla runs their entire project without a contributor agreement — so
we are already way ahead of what most large open source projects do on this
front. :)

— Alexander
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