• A new design from Iain (screenshot) that I have implemented as a static HTML version on top of the Plone markup (with the main_template changes. Note that the typography and pull-down menu will be different — closer to what you see on plone.org right now.

Is that the new design for Plone? Last I heard from Matt at netsight (just before he went on holiday) was that it was now only being used as an inspiration. That theme is in the collective as plonetheme.netsightintranet

• CSS doesn't use base_properties, but is color-neutral except for a couple of properties (e.g. link color) that are pulled out separately to the top of the CSS file, so they are easy to override, should you need to. No DTML magic.

I'm -1 on inclusion, then. DTML magic is good magic and I made it clear it was a condition from my POV.

• A theme skeleton — plonetheme.sunburst — that Denys checked in for me while I was flying across the Atlantic. Unfortunately this is just a blank skeleton still, since I can't get Plone running at the moment.

How does this relate to zopeskel?

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