Hi Alex,

you know I've always been interested in the default theme of Plone. I'm really curious about the new "refresh" of Plone. If you need some help for the visual design I'd glad to give some of my time. There is also a couple of people in Reflab/Mediatria that are willing to contribute: Antonio, who works mostly on UI and JS and Giulio who's a visual designer and skinner.

Also consider that the work we did back in old days of Plone 3 (October 2007) with Capri and other themes were precisely aimed into "refreshing" the Plone default theme with: 1) updated logo (had been officially announced a couple of days before the sprint)
2) updated (and extended) icon theme
3) accessibility (contrasts/colors included)
4) have a base theme for skinning
5) "recongnizable" / keeping Plone visual identity
6) nice use of typography
7) new use of colors for user actions and portlets
8) grid (fixed width)

I'm glad to see that many of these elements plus some new one "fluid", HTML5, etc. are in the PLIP: nice work!

I'm not sure how the review/PLIP process works for the visual design but I'd also bring the new design to the attention of the Plone evangelism team, just for a feedback. Then, once the PLIP is approved, it would be interesting to *promote* the new visual design and especially it's implementation.

Let us know what we can do.
Cheers, Francesco.

Il giorno 19/ago/09, alle ore 09:02, Alexander Limi ha scritto:

The first cut of the theme is checked in, with related buildout.cfg and review notes.

To address some of the questions brought up in the thread:

Why are you not supporting base_properties? It doesn't make a lot of sense, since there are only two properties that are adjustable, and that is easier to do by pulling them out and putting them first in the CSS. The upside of having standard CSS files that can be fed to CSS editors and other tools outweighs the dynamicism that variables for these would give us. And for a person new to Plone theming, DTML and the ZMI is a lot more intimidating than two hex values in a well- known and predictable format.

Is this another version of plonetheme.netsightintranet? Nope, it was just used for inspiration, sorry about not being specific enough with my explanation. As you can see, the Sunburst theme looks slightly different.

Hopefully everything else is addressed by the review notes, but if you have additional questions, let me know. I'll be refining the theme further over the next few days, start testing in IE, etc.

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 9:52 PM, Alexander Limi <l...@plone.org> wrote: I ran into unexpected problems today while trying to wrap up my PLIP for the review today — in short, there doesn't seem to be any (!) way to get any version of Plone running on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) at the moment: The Unified Installers fail, buildout-based install fails, and any combination of MacPorts Python (current release, trunk from their SVN), binary Python and GCC (4.0, 4.2) versions fail while compiling parts of Zope.

I spent 6 hours today with the help of messieurs Glick, Steele and McMahon today trying to make it work, but there's something very weird going on (for example, the Acquisition egg compiles properly, but after reporting that it's successfully compiled, can't be found — if you're interested, here's the output). (And if you know what's going on here, it would be great if you can help out, since we also need to solve this — preferrably before Snow Leopard is released, which may be as soon as end of this month.)

Since I have fully migrated to Snow Leopard on my work laptop as part of testing Firefox on 10.6 (and that happened just before my vacation), I need to locate a computer that runs OS 10.5 before I can put together the running version of the theme product.

Here's what I put together before I went on vacation, and that I have on my laptop at the moment: An updated main_template that uses HTML5 (XHTML variant) that adds various structural elements like <sidebar> and various other cleanups. No changes to class/ID structure so far, though — so existing themes should work. (the only exception is if they do stuff like table.* in CSS, ie. depend on the tag instead of the class/ID name). HTML5 renders fine in all browsers, btw — they just don't style the new elements, which we aren't putting visual styles on anyway. A tested, robust grid system (the same as I have shown at Plone Symposium East, and that we'll use for Plone 5) that supports both fixed and fluid widths. No tables in the layout anymore. Works in IE6 too. A new design from Iain (screenshot) that I have implemented as a static HTML version on top of the Plone markup (with the main_template changes. Note that the typography and pull-down menu will be different — closer to what you see on plone.org right now. A new CSS that implement's Iain's layout with the changes discussed in the ticket. Still missing are things like print CSS and (if I get the time) a mobile/iPhone stylesheet using the @media selector. CSS doesn't use base_properties, but is color-neutral except for a couple of properties (e.g. link color) that are pulled out separately to the top of the CSS file, so they are easy to override, should you need to. No DTML magic. Three-column layout approach is intact for Plone 4, we'll move to a freer layout as part of Plone 5, so no change here either. A theme skeleton — plonetheme.sunburst — that Denys checked in for me while I was flying across the Atlantic. Unfortunately this is just a blank skeleton still, since I can't get Plone running at the moment. What's missing was to pull these together on top of the current Plone 4 checkout, which should take 4-6 hours including basic testing to have something ready for the first review deadline. I completed the core of the work before I went on vacation, and knew that I would only have one day when returning from vacation to put together the package, so I had the entire day reserved to complete the actual theme product. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way I can get Plone running on my current laptop, so I have to find another computer to do it on.

I'm going to humbly (and embarrassingly) ask for your permission to submit my PLIP for review late — I have access to a computer running OS X 10.5 tomorrow, so I will most likely have it ready by the end of Monday/Tuesday. I assume you have enough to do the first 24 hours of the PLIP submission deadline that it won't feel like you're lacking things to do in the meantime. :)

It sucks, and I'm sorry — I really didn't expect this to be an issue at all.

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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