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Comment(by davisagli):

 I'm not signed up to do a full review of this PLIP, but I have been using
 it to benchmark plone.app.contentlisting by comparing the new search
 results to the old page template.

 To be specific, I did the following:
  * used collective.contentgenerator's Public Site profile to populate the
 site with 4000 items
  * used ab -n 100 to benchmark the old search results
 (/search?SearchableText=Britain&b_size=2000) and the new ones
 (/@@search?SearchableText=Britain&b_size=2000) -- the large batch size
 here is because the new results don't support batching yet...in my case
 the search for 'Britain' gave about 500 results.

  * old search.pt: 6.32 requests/sec.
  * new search browser view: 1.09 requests/sec.  Ouch.

 Some other observations:
  * the results are not batched
  * the results omit the standard coloring of items based on workflow state

 Given the rather large performance penalty of the new approach, you might
 want to consider branching this PLIP and doing an implementation that
 doesn't rely on IContentListing.  (Caveat: I haven't done detailed
 profiling to confirm that the new content listing approach is the

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