#9352: combination of search results plips
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Comment(by elvix):

 The reason the template takes longer to render is not IContentListing
 itself, but the fact that all the results are rendered, in the absence of

 Batching support is on its way. We have just been having some discussions
 on how to make this work in the cleanest nicest possible way.

 The options are:

 1) Provide an adapter from PloneBatch to IContentListing — This will
 remove your error, and make everything work sort-of like before, where the
 template author is responsible for making and managing the batch from a
 template. Ugly, but not worse than what we have today.

 2) Make ContentListing import PloneBatch and support batching directly
 inside the listing by calling a batch() method on it. This will make
 batching simpler for integrators. It will no longer be necessary to mess
 with batch creation in the template. It will also give us predictable ways
 of getting all the sequences of content we might need batched or not from
 one place. Doesn't add anything except practicality, simplicity and
 predictability for integrators.

 I am leaning towards (2) but that will need more code done in little time.

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