#9315: New theme for Plone 4
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Comment(by spliter):

 I am concerned about HTML5 in Plone's default theme. HTML5 even though it
 accepts almost everything we had in XHTML1 is not a simple change of
 doctype. HTML5 is about changing markup to make it readable and have much
 more sense. HTML5 itself is just a wonderful markup language. But when it
 comes to Plone I am not sure this is a good idea to make it default for
 such a generic product at the moment.

 1. HTML5 needs markup changes. Otherwise what's the point of using it? If
 Plone will be the same XHTML1 markup with just changed doctype it doesn't
 make sense to me. We should either do it proper HTML5 or leave it as XHTML
 (maybe make it Strict instead of Transitional though)

 2. As far as I can see there are some markup changes towards HTML5 in the
 current theme's implementation already. Those changes make all themes done
 for previous Plone versions broken even though still 10 minutes away from
 being fixed (but companies will need people who understand what to fix).
 Some changes:
 <div id="portal-top"> becomes <header>
 <div id="portal-footer"> becomes <footer>
 <div class="visualPadding"> becomes <aside>
 Technically what we do is break compatibility with existing themes that
 might rely on mentioned IDs without actually gaining anything since we
 don't do full transition to HTML5. We can add those IDs and classes to new
 elements of course, but then we have no point of moving to HTML5 at all.
 And in addition these changes conflict with "No substantial markup changes
 are expected outside of the table removal, class and ID names will be
 kept." bullet point of the PLIP.

 3. HTML5 in current implementation doesn't give any benefits except
 declaring we are HTML5. It's a very-very basic transition from XHTML1
 towards HTMl5 at the moment.

 4. Making proper HTML 5 theme is way more than just changing
 main_template.pt - we have portlets, viewlets, we have control panels we
 have a lot of different views that need to be transformed to be proper

 Instead of making the new Plone 4 theme with HTML5 I would propose to make
 a group of people who would start working on transforming all templates of
 Plone into HTML5 for Plone 5. And this should be done already now.

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