not really a full review yet but starting from Robgietema review here is my first feedback on the new Theme.

There are quite a lot of questions open for me, but once it's more clear I'll be able to work on it with a couple of other developers.

I'm now reviewing the PLIP9321.


Ideas and the ability to implement them.


Tested on Firefox 3.5.2 on MacOS X

Main problem: it's very hard to make a good review of a visual design without a 
Photoshop version of different pages of the new proposed design.
What we have now is a "work in progress" uncomplete design, uncomplete CSS / 
templating and some bugs. 

Visual design

  - Question: why are you using a color tone for tabs/links etc. different from 
the Plone logo tone?
  - Porportions of logo, search area/personal actions and tabs should be 
  - Hover on links missing everywhere 
  - Headers in summary view are still using the old Plone link color
  - search box can be improved: input focus in yellow is ugly enough, hover on 
the "only in current section" is very ugly.
  - overall search box style can be improved
  - Personal remark: Portlet style is quite "boring": grey on grey, not very 
contrasted... in fact all the design is still quite boring to me.
  - The icon set should be updated with the new logo and theme colors
  - Description style could be improved
  - Why is the breadcrumb configured to appear only in 3rd level folders? 
Breadcrumb style no finished, I guess
  - As in current Plone default it's not obvious that the portlet titles are 
links. Moreover they have no hover style.
  - Links in portlets: remove the underline?
  - Personal actions are too close one to each other

Branding / Identity
  - The main recognizable elements of the new design are imo the document 
action / backoffice style and personal actions style both usign rounded corners:
    can rounded corners be a problem for standards?
  - Use of a main color different from logo color is a mayor issue for 
  - Overall the current default theme, while very old and not aligned with the 
new logo is more "branded" and recognizable

Missing elements

  - Where are the site actions?
  - Where are the document actions (print, send, ...)? 


  - LiveSearch box goes in the back of portlets and document actions
  - When LiveSearch has no results the box is much smaller (is it a feature, 
  - ... and lots of very small issues I'm sure we will fix

  - Agree with Robgietema: Text like Description and discreet could use a bit 
more contrast.
  - Agree with Robgietema: contentview tabs and the formtabs look the same.
    Contentview tabs make you 'leave' the current page and the formtabs keep 
you on the same page.
    This is confusing for users to see different behavior for controls who look 
the same.


  - is it complete? Can we review it?


  - is it complete? Can we review it?

  - no strong opinion on this, just worried for the integrators building their 
sites with poor old browsers compatibility
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