In the call: Eric Steele, Alec Mitchell, Ross Patterson, Erik Rose, Laurence Rowe, David Glick

* We're really behind on reviews, unfortunately we'll have to add another week. Eric will email the dev list to alert everyone of the change.

* We need everyone to cover at least 8 reviews for proper coverage.

* No word from Raphael for several weeks. Check in on him.

* Ross is generating funkload reports for each PLIP vs base Plone 4. Working on a base Plone 3 vs Plone 4.

* More discussion of Erik gave the package a closer look this week. Generally happy with it, is +1 on inclusion. Group's general feeling hasn't changed much from "Yes, but with reservations." Erik created tickets for discussion at and

* David raised concerns about #9352's 15% slowdown for search results. Detailed profiling needed.

* #9376 (archetypes.schematuning): Opinion has soured greatly after reading Alec's review and subsequent discussion in #plone-framework

* #9258 (archetypes.referencebrowserwidget): We're all happy with it. Use overlays? Modailty would be a concern

* #9329 (TTP actions): Eric feels it needs much work. Good candidate for a 4.x release.

* More guest reviewers? alcark? stevem?

In a fit of UI muckification, we've added some columns for voting to the "Implementation Reviewers" spreadsheet ( Add a +1 if you're happy with the implementation. Lowest scores get discussion priority at next week's meeting.

Homework for next week's meeting: Finish your reviews, try to do at least 8. Read over others' review notes and vote so that we have an idea of which need the most discussion.

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