#9264: Merge backport patches from plone.app.dexterity into Plone
 Reporter:  optilude        |        Owner:  optilude
     Type:  PLIP            |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  major           |    Milestone:  4.0     
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Comment(by rossp):

 Replying to [comment:24 optilude]:
 > With the latest changes, comparing a standard 4.0 buildout with the
 branch using David's ab test (logged in, 100 requests) gives me between
 5.2 and 5.7 requests per second for both branches. ab's not the most
 accurate of indicators, of course. Hoping Ross' tests will bear these
 results out.

 Heh, that's why I asked people to get in requests for re-runs of the load
 tests.  But I need details.

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