That needs to throught the FWT at the very least. You can't just change that markup structure without some approval process - this can break every third party theme.

On 2009-9-17 08:04, Alexander Limi wrote:
If it broke the standard theme, I need to fix that too. We're putting
the personal tools in a pulldown regardless of whether the new theme lands.

Alexander Limi ยท

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:52 PM, Wichert Akkerman <
<>> wrote:

    Shouldn't this be in a sunburst branch? I suspect this broke the
    standard Plone skin.

    On 2009-9-17 07:06, Alexander Limi wrote:

        Author: limi
        Date: Thu Sep 17 05:06:13 2009
        New Revision: 29756


        Turn the personal actions into a pulldown menu.

        <>     (original)
        <>     Thu Sep 17 05:06:13 2009
        @@ -6,21 +6,18 @@

        <h5 class="hiddenStructure"
        i18n:translate="heading_personal_tools">Personal tools</h5>

        -<ul id="portal-personaltools"
        -    tal:condition="python:view.user_actions or not view.anonymous"
        -    class="visualInline">
        -<tal:block condition="not: view/anonymous">
        -           id="user-name"
        -           tal:attributes="href view/homelink_url"
        -><img src="" tal:replace="structure context/user.gif" />
        -<span class="visualCaseSensitive"
        -                 tal:content="view/user_name">
        +<dl class="actionMenu" id="portal-personaltools"
        +    tal:condition="python:view.user_actions or not view.anonymous">
        +<tal:block condition="not: view/anonymous"> <!-- TODO: Can we
        nest these in a better way? -->
        +<dt class="actionMenuHeader">
        +<!-- The following a-tag needs to be clicked to dropdown the
        menu -->
        +<a id="user-name"
        +       tal:attributes="href view/homelink_url"
        +       tal:content="view/user_name">
        +<dd class="actionMenuContent">
        <tal:actions repeat="action view/user_actions">
        <li tal:define="icon action/icon|nothing;
                                  icon python:icon is not None and icon
        or view.getIconFor(action['category'], action['id'], None);
        @@ -36,6 +33,16 @@
        +<dl class="actionMenu" id="portal-personaltools"
        +    tal:condition="view/anonymous">
        +<a href=""
        +       tal:attributes="href
        string:${view/navigation_root_url}/login">Log in</a>


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