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Unfortunately, the situation is *much worse* than Marie indicates, as the
roadmap page is completely obsolete and outdated since we switched to trac.
It's more than a bit embarrassing that we link to it from the home page.

We should have something better, but meanwhile, what should we do with the
old roadmap page? It may be useful to some as a historical artifact.

The idea (at least for now) is to point it to the Trac roadmap page, and do a bit better job with the release descriptions there.

Eric Steele and Yours Truly have volunteered for this task, but we didn't want to do it until 3.3 was out. Now it is, and the old roadmap page can be retired.

I don't think we need to involve Mark and others in this particular case — they have much more important things they could be spending their time on — but we can definitely do much better than we're doing right now.

If nothing has happened by the end of this week, feel free to call us out on it. :)

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