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Hello framework team,

Today is the final implementation deadline for the PLIPs. I'm working
on PLIP 9311 'Clean up user related actions'. I would like to request
a postpone for the deadline. I can deliver a final version next week
(wednesday 7 October).

I'm requesting the delay because I forgot the deadline date and I
expected that the deadline date would be moved because of the delayed
reviews. I already started working on the review comments from Rob but
stopped because I was waiting on the second PLIP review.

I know it's my error that I didn't noticed the deadline of the PLIP
implementations and I hope it's possible to extend the deadline so I
can deliver a proper PLIP. Ofcourse I'm willing to buy you a few beers
when we're in Budapest :-).

I've also can't finish #9321 within the deadline. I will finish it this
weekend, would be happy if the framework team accepts it nonetheless and
join Chee Leong bribing the framework team members.


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