Could you please add PLIP #9309 Better search for East Asian (multi- byte) languages on the list?

Finally, we have fixed followings issues which were point out in the first review.

- All monkey patches have gone.  Its properly implemented we believe.
- It is reformed from "product" to "real patch" to Plone and Zope. CMFPlone and Zope are branched out.
- Live Search works fine now.
- Comments are added to key methods as doc strings.
- Unit tests are added to Plone-level and also Zope-level(ZCTextIndex).
- Codes have got renovated drastically.  Now simpler and easier to read.

So, PLIP#9309 is now ready for the 2nd review.

We are really sorry to late. we appreciate if #9309 can be on the list again.

Note: monkey.py file is still existing in the collectives svn, but it is not used actually. This is just kept for the contingency if Zope does not accept my modification on branch.

Thank you for your great detail review.

Takeshi Yamamoto / Manabu Terada

On Oct 2, 2009, at 4:14 AM, Eric Steele wrote:


It's time to start voting on PLIPs again. We're looking for up or down votes on each of the submissions.

The following PLIPs have updated reviews and are ready for your vote. A reminder that we've agreed that we need a minimum of 5 votes for each PLIP . Please record your vote in the PLIP ticket for posterity and in the spreadsheet for my ease-of-tallying.

7822    Make standard file content types use ZODB BLOB support
8801    Move action icon support into actions, remove CMFActionIcons
8802    Move our upgrade / migration infrastructure to GenericSetup
8808    Require Python 2.5 or 2.6, Zope 2.12, and CMF 2.2 for Plone 4.0
8814    Replace SecureMailHost with a standard Zope mailhost
9186    Set Image IDs from Title field
9249    Add TinyMCE as the default visual editor
9250    Add jQuery Tools to base install
9256 Expand variable substitution in mailing action of plone.app.contentrules 9258 Replace Products.ATReferenceBrowserWidget with archetypes.referencebrowserwidget
9264    Merge backport patches from plone.app.dexterity into Plone
9272    Exposing and editing Dublin Core properties
9305    Use real names instead of usernames
9310    User registration process more flexible
9315    New theme for Plone 4
9330    Add ability to choose role when adding new site members

Erik and Laurence, we also need updated reviews (or at least confirmation that your recommendation has not changed) for the following:

9214    Support logins using e-mail address instead of user id
9259    Group dashboards
9263    GenericSetup syntax for importing Sharing page roles
9285    Show blocked portlets in management interface
9288    Improved commenting infrastructure

I'd like to get this wrapped up by Monday, so that I can start the merge process.


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