On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 2:24 AM, Maurits van Rees <maur...@vanrees.org> wrote:
> While merging branches for plip 9214 I ran into a couple of problems,
> which some of you may run into as well, so here are my notes.  When
> doing a simple "svn merge
> http://.../Plone/branches/plip9214-emaillogins"; into the Plone 4.0
> branch, several changes were pulled in that definitely were not done
> on my branch.  I do not know out of which hat subversion (1.5.4)
> pulled these.

I think this happened as David originally created the "mega-backport
branches" for the Zope 2.12 stuff with an older SVN client and then
later on moved these to be the new official 4.0 branches. As a result
the merge history of these isn't correct.

The easiest thing to do right now is to do as Maurits advices and
don't rely on Subversion to tell you what needs to be merged. Instead
you can do the usual:

In your branch do:

svn log --stop-on-copy

to see from which version the branch had been created and specify this
as the explicit range to the merge command.


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