Hanno Schlichting wrote:
A quick poll in #plone-framework showed that myself and Messrs. Glick and Clark 
had never heard of bin/instance console. We need to document the crap out of 

Eh, how do you guys start an instance without the forced debug mode of
"fg"? You don't use "start" for that, do you?

I guess I never do that. :)

Since when have we had that?

Since we use buildout or to be more precise, April 2008. Let me quote
the PyPi page:

1.8 (2008-04-05)

Added console command to the instance script, which is equivalent to
fg but does not implicitly turn on debug mode but respects the
zope.conf setting. [hannosch]

One month later we changed it not to fork a process internally, so
this is what we've been using for supervisord configurations for

Heh, good. :) I've been using a lower level script (run.py or something, deep inside Zope) in supervisord that I guess does the same thing.


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