Jon Stahl wrote:

Hi Jon,

thanks for posting this!

For now just one comment from my side:


- The "apache-style" buildout.cfg file is inherently intimidating to
new site developers.  At first, they just want any easy way to install
add-on products.  We used to have that -- just unzip stuff into the
Products folder.  We need to bring back this idea: we envision a
"products.d" folder where you can drop an egg, or a file named
"my.egg.cfg" and it just works.   This will also greatly increase our
deb/rpm friendliness, since installing products via deb/rpm would just
involve dropping those products in the folder.

seems pretty close to that if I'm not mistaken.
With a naming convention on the file name for
the [eggnest] part we should be able to realize
the above.


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