#9210: Folderish pages
 Reporter:  laurenskling                  |        Owner:         
     Type:  PLIP                          |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  minor                         |    Milestone:  4.0    
Component:  Infrastructure                |   Resolution:  wontfix
 Keywords:  folder, page, folderish page  |  

Comment(by wichert):

 A major reason for rejection for this PLIP appears to be that it will be
 too much of an 'in-between' thing between Plone 3 and Plone 5. I have not
 seen a proposal for Plone 5 in this area, nor has the request in this
 ticket for more information on that been answered. Which makes me wonder:
 is there a plan for Plone 5 to address this issue, or are we handwaving?

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