It's my understanding that, traditionally, each (or at least most) incarnation 
of the Framework Team included a UI-focused member who would weigh in on such 
concerns during the PLIP review process. The 4.0 team did not include such a 
person (which based on the number of PLIPs we had, probably saved some poor 
soul from going entirely insane). To work around this, I tried to make sure 
that the more UI-focused/challenged PLIPs had a guest reviewer with the 
necessary skills. I'd really like to turn this into a more formal process 

So I'd like to propose creating a full-fledged UI team. Their main task would 
be to:

1) Serve as a non-blocking review vote on all PLIPs. 
Provide the Framework Team with a team of developers with expertise in 
client-side concerns, willing to provide a review on each PLIP. Ensure that new 
features adhere to established usability and design standards; interactivity is 
added because it makes sense, not because it's flashy; and new design features 
are handled consistently throughout Plone. The team's role would initially be a 
non-blocking vote, possibility with more veto power to come as the processes is 

And ideally would grow to...

2) Be a resource for PLIP implementers.
Provide one-stop-shopping for implementers looking for layout, scripting, 
design, and usability guidance.  

3) Drive new PLIP ideas.
If someone were to say "the sharing tab would be much more understandable if it 
looked and worked like this," I'm sure we could find any number of coders happy 
to jump on board to make it happen. Having mockups and a direction goes a long 

I know I'm not the only one with the same general idea, I've had at least 3 
people independently mention it to me. How do we make this happen?

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