So here's where we stand, from my viewpoint...

1) Plone 4.0 is feeling like a nearly-finished product (Great job, everyone!)
2) Everyone is getting sick of working on it

So let's get an RC1 on the schedule and get this thing out the door.

Despite our fine history of making big-name releases during Plone events (see 
symposia of late May), I'm forced to postpone that by a few days and schedule 
the RC1 release for Wednesday, 3 June. Why so long? This does three things:

1) (and foremost) Gives the principals on some of our remaining large bugs the 
time to get those wrapped up
2) One more Tune-up (which I hope to push as a Bug Day).
3) Leaves me with some shred of sanity over what is an exceptionally busy 4 
week period.

In the interim, I'd like to drop a beta 4 next Wednesday (19 May). This one 
isn't going to be substantially different from b3, but I think we have enough 
changes in there to make it worthwhile.

I'll be spending time over the next few days  digging through our remaining 
tickets to consider what gets pushed off until 4.x and what should rightly be 
considered a blocker. I'll regret saying this, but if you have a ticket that 
"needs" to be in 4.0, drop me a line and state your case. Mention breadcrumbs 
though, and you're on your own. ;)

In other news: over the next few weeks, we'll hopefully be spinning up the 
process of constructing our Framework Team for 4.1. We have some really good 
looking PLIPs already waiting in Trac and I hope you'll consider adding your 
own in anticipation of 4.1's upcoming submission period. I'm also thrilled to 
announce that we'll be adding a dedicated UI team to the mix, something that's 
been sorely needed for some time; more to come in the following weeks.

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