There's quite a lot piling up in the changelog already, I think we're
ready for a release.

Tests pass, excepting the errors with PlonePAS (see other mail).


3.3.6 - Unreleased

- Fix FactoryTool to mangle REQUEST.BASEn correctly. (Merged [36902]).

- Fixed wrong condition and double definition on join_form where
  allowEnterPassword meant you were actually *not* allowed to enter a
  password.  It worked fine but was confusingly stated the wrong way

- MembershipTool.setPassword unnecessarily called the role assigner plugins
  through acl_users.doChangeUser. Now use acl_users.userSetPassword directly.

- "(Requires Javascript)" is now translatable in
  This closes

- Explicitly check that a searchterm was provided before adding it to the
  query string. This closes

- Fixed for state changed message is wroning for pending item. This closes

- Altered table of contents javascript so that comments are not displayed.

- "Event when" improved for better i18n.
  This closes

- Nested groups appear again in prefs_group_members. This was broken since
  Plone 3.3.2. This closes

- Fixed getIcon. 'Find and Catalog' works again.
  This closes

- Added missing event parameter to inputlabel's blur handler. This closes
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