Congratulations, and thanks, to the members of the new Plone 4.x Framework

   - Alec Mitchell
   - Ross Patterson
   - Laurence Rowe
   - Matthew Wilkes
   - Martijn Pieters
   - Rob Gietema
   - Elizabeth Leddy
   - Craig A. Haynal

The 4.x Framework Team will be responsible for evaluating improvement
proposals and implementations for Plone 4.1 and subsequent releases in the
4.x series.

This team has a lot of experience: Alec, Ross, Laurence, Matthew and Martijn
all served on previous framework teams. Rob and Craig both did guest reviews
for the 4.0 Framework Team. And Elizabeth is a master integrator who's been
cataloging resources for use of Plone in high-demand situations.

The new framework team was chosen by a working group of Framework Team
members and alums. The 4.x Framework Team will work alongside the Plone 5
Framework Team, with both releases under active development.
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