Hello everyone,

As I'm sure many of you know, the Plone 4.x framework team has been set up and 
we had our first meeting on Tuesday.  There we decided to open the call for 
PLIPs this week, with a deadline of the 30th August 2010.  However, if you are 
considering submitting an PLIP that is mostly deep infrastructure rather than 
user-facing we would ask you to please submit it by the 9th of August, to 
ensure we have sufficient time to give it the thought it deserves.

By submitting a PLIP you are effectively saying that you will be responsible 
for ensuring it gets implemented should the proposal be approved, please do not 
submit a PLIP if you cannot commit to seeing the process through.

We are specifically looking for PLIPs that do not interfere with user upgrades, 
that is feature additions that will require little or no knowledge of Plone to 
upgrade an existing site.  We are working on point releases here and a smooth 
upgrade path for our users is of utmost importance.

The news announcement is available on plone.org at 
http://plone.org/news/call-for-proposals-for-plone-4.1 which details the 
process for submitting PLIPs and links to the template you need to use.  Any 
questions can be directed as a response to this mail or asked on the 
#plone-framework channel of IRC.

Thanks from your 4.x framework team,

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