>> As some of you might know, I am in charge of taking care of the requests
>> for write access to collective and archetypes repositories.
>> Until now, access to collective is granted on request. Access to
>> archetypes repository is channeled through Jens Klein or Daniel Nouri.
> Really? I thought we gave out commit request for archetypes without
> any further checks as well. At least that's what I did whenever
> someone approached me directly.

same here, I've granted archetypes commit access in the past without
any checking too.

>> I feel more and more uneasy about the difference of process for both
>> repositories.
>> This mail to make the following proposal :
>> what about granting write access to archetypes repository on request
>> just as for write access to the collective ? iow, bypassing the step
>> where Jens or Daniel gives approval.
> +1, I thought that's what we did already for years :)

+1, status quo

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