On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 4:50 PM, Martin Aspeli <optilude+li...@gmail.com> wrote:
> When writing them, I wanted to use the new plone.testing /
> plone.app.testing packages.


> So, we can either:
> 1) Stay with the status quo, and hope that
> plone.testing/plone.app.testing become the standard for Plone 5. In
> the meantime, people can use it in non-core packages only.
> 2) Use them as test dependencies, and let people choose how to set up
> their own tests
> 3) Write a separate PLIP for the inclusion of these two packages into
> our KGS (but not for the porting of all existing PTC tests, since
> that'd be a pretty big task)

I would go for option three. Formally this should still be a PLIP, as
it is introducing new dependencies. I think another pair of eyes
during a framework team review wouldn't hurt the codebase either. But
I'd be happy to see the PLIP limited to adding the two packages to 4.1
and allowing people to use it. Converting existing tests can be
outside of the scope.

For non-trivial projects based on Plone 4, I already have to resort to
collective.testcaselayer which snuck in without a dedicated review in
4.0. It's just plain impossible to get a test setup working with pure
PloneTestCase once you have a more complicated setup. We have an open
meta-bug from Wichert on this issue, where he also noted a plethora of
changes and problems with PloneTestCase.

So I think we need to move forward and adopt the new kid and fix any
issues we run into. PloneTestCase is just not usable anymore and we
need to offer a good testing story.

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