On 8/18/10 7:35 AM, Godefroid Chapelle wrote:
> Le 18/08/10 07:39, Eric Steele a écrit :
>>      • 10888 (Make KSS optional)
>>              • Quick consensus
>>              • Selenium testing
>>                      • KSS does this. Plone doesn't. Do we require plip to 
>> add this for rewritten work?
> Short: This plip is a chance for the FWT to give a strong push in the 
> right direction by REQUIRING AUTOMATED tests for JS code.
> Longer:
> Plone runs more and more js code (iow in the browser), too much being 
> untested (AFAIK).
> It is time to require automated tests for new JS code added to Plone 
> core; both js unit and functional (selenium or windmill) tests.
> It would be an opportunity for the community to experiment and decide on 
> best practices in this context.
> We need these experience and tests as we plan to integrate more complex 
> code (iow code easier to break) like the foreseen Deco editor.
> I'd be happy to participate to a sprint focused on setting up those 
> practices and building a set of tests for existing JS code.
> However, I am not proposing to pull the community : I tried at various 
> sprints and miserably failed.
Godefroid, I am definitely interested to learn from your experience in
this area. Regarding functional testing of Javascript, would you
recommend looking at KSS to see how it is done there, or are there newer
best practices that have emerged since those tests were written?

David Glick
 Web Developer

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