I should have added that I'm very enthusiastic about getting some JavaScript
continuous integration testing in place, and will happily learn whatever
framework we choose. We're getting way too much browser-side code to be
without systematic tests.

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 8:40 AM, Martin Aspeli
> wrote:

> On 20 August 2010 00:26, Steve McMahon <st...@dcn.org> wrote:
> > About a month ago, I spent some time with windmill, trying to do tests
> for
> > plone.app.jquerytools.
> >
> > Windmill looked OK, but when I tried to automate the testing as a test
> case
> > with niteoweb.windmill, I encountered lots of problems and ended up
> giving
> > up on it. It looked like I was having trouble anytime content was changed
> by
> > a test. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough, or misunderstood something about
> > the framework, but it seemed at times like I was working in a
> multi-threaded
> > environment where the threads weren't synchronized.
> Strange. We've never seen anything to that effect. Oh well.
> Martin
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