Hi folks,

We did a quite good job documenting the changes introduced by the 4.0 
PLIPs. As a result, we have a great Plone 3 → 4 upgrade guide that helps 
people to port their add-ons to Plone 4, use blobs, etc.

I'd like to continue doing things right also with Plone 4.1, so if you 
don't have written documeantation for your PLIP already, please do so. 
You can write it as a comment in the PLIP ticket in Trac and we will 
figure out later where to place it.

Some questions you might want to answer:

- Does this PLIP introduce a new feature, or rather does it change the 
way people should do things in Plone?

- I maintain an add-on product. Which changes will my product require 
after this PLIP? Or, how can I use this new feature? (example: blobs)

- I'm a site admin. How will this change they way I manage the site? 
(examples: email login, "Site Admin" role)

- I'm a normal user. How will this change my experience? (examples: 


-- israel

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