#9288: Improved commenting infrastructure
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Comment(by timo):

 Replying to [comment:62 nd51]:
 > We are firmly of the opinion that Plone desperately needs "Wordpress-
 quality" commenting, and that that includes moderation by individual users
 other than the site admin, and we do have funding to get this done.
 > We are not keen however on doing this via patches on top of patches and
 plugins on top of plugins. We think it should be a core feature of Plone.

 I agree that this use case is important and that plone.app.discussion has
 to support this at some point. Though, right now I focus on getting
 p.a.discussion into Plone 4.x (and to make a 1.0 release). I think this
 was basically what I told Matous at the Ploneconf.

 I'm happy to assist any efforts to add this feature to p.a.discussion as a
 core feature. Feel free to contact me directly

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