Elizabeth Leddy <ele...@umich.edu> writes:

>        How to do an initial PLIP review
> I'm not even sure where to start here. Ideas?

- is it formatted correctly
- what dependencies would it introduce
- what backwards compatibility impacts will it have
  (different for minor vs major versions)
- does this belong in plone core
- do the deliverables include tests
- ...?

>        When an FWT member goes AWOL
> Lets actually talk about this at one of our next meetings. Its not so
> bad in the new process, we just need to have clear rules. Maybe
> something like "Taking a break from the FWT"

Yeah, I think the rule should be, per the PLIP author's rights, when a
champion flakes once, shame them, when they flake twice, mercifully
grant them a leave of absence.  Similarly, two missed meetings, shame,
more, leave of absence.


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