#9327: unified interface for lists of content
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Comment(by rossp):

 After discussing this, the FWT decided that we would like the core Plone
 templates converted to use this new package.

 Firstly, the only reason I was concerned about converting the core listing
 templates was the possibility of breaking commonly customized templates in
 a minor release.  In today's call cah190 pointed out that changing
 templates in core plone wouldn't necessarily break customized templates.
 Secondly, and more importantly, if this PLIP includes changing the core
 Plone templates then it is no longer dependent on one of the other PLIPs
 that use plone.app.contentlisting being accepted.  We really want to merge
 this PLIP and converting the templates means it won't get hung up on
 others.  Finally, converting the core templates actually accomplishes the
 primary goal of this PLIP, to reduce the number of way we list content.

 So please go ahead and convert the following core content listing
 templates in your PLIP branch:

   * all the views behind the folder display menu options
   * all the views behind the collection display menu options
   * portlets: review list, news, events, collection
   * folder_contents

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