#11300: Switch to HTML5
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Comment(by alecm):

 Thanks Denys, that's great news.  Let me know if there's anything you need
 from the FT to make sure your work is ready in time.

 The one concern the framework team had during our last meeting was that it
 would be best if Modernizr were actually used explicitly within Plone if
 we're going to include it.  To that end it would be a good idea to replace
 the current IE specific CSS/JS using Modernizr techniques.  This would
 provide the following advantages:

 1) Eating our own dog food and providing basic guidance for how to use
 Modernizr in a Plone context
 2) Possibly reducing the number of resources served to IE clients.

 Does that seem like something you could include as part of the

 Also, do you feel there's a particular subset of Modernizr that we
 could/should use to minimize payload, or would it be best to include the
 full library?

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