#11300: Switch to HTML5
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Comment(by spliter):

 Replying to [comment:71 alecm]:
 > Regarding the mdash validation error.  I'm using the validator here:
 http://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input which is of course experimental
 for HTML5, but I suspect other people will use it.  I view the source for
 the front-page in my browser and copying and pasting it into the text box.
 The validator automatically detects that the page is HTML5 and utf8.  It
 has an issue with the mdash that Plone puts in the title tag, as well as
 with the http-equiv="Content-Type" meta tag.  I don't think these are
 terribly important since the validator.nu validator appears to be the
 better one.

 Thanks for the explanation, Alec. Then, I suppose this is very minor
 issue. I validate from Firefox, using WebDeveloper Tools' "Validate local
 HTML" feature. It sends the local site's (in our case running on
 localhost:8080/Plone) output to the official w3c validator as well. In
 this case there are no validation errors and the document is validated as
 fully valid HTML5 document. Dunno, maybe the ways they process the direct
 input is different, but since validator.nu doesn't raise an error as well,
 I tend to think the 'direct input' feature of the official validator has

 So, I suppose, we can conclude that the ticket is really ready for merge

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