Continuous support for Visual Studio .NET ensures the best productivity to build applications that evolve with your requirements


PDC 2003 Los Angeles, CAOctober 28, 2003 – ARTech today announced the release of DeKlarit 3.0 Beta and unveiled plans to support Microsoft Visual Studio “Whidbey”.


DeKlarit is a RAD tool for building database applications, providing an incredibly productive way to design and develop your applications using basic business knowledge.


Today’s announcement means that ARTech customers working with Visual Studio .NET and DeKlarit will be able to reap all the benefits of their work today and enjoy the unprecedented developer productivity that Visual Studio “Whidbey” will deliver, tomorrow.


"DeKlarit and Microsoft share a common goal of providing solutions that evolve with customers’ requirements," said David Lazar, director in the Developer Tools and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp  "Microsoft is excited to be working with ARTech to offer customers a new way to create and maintain data-based applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework."


Visual Studio “Whidbey” will deliver deep integration and support for Microsoft SQL Server “Yukon”. This integration will enable ARTech to deliver key new features, such as the possibility of writing and maintaining stored procedures in a declarative way, with no programming.


DeKlarit 3.0 will be the last major release of DeKlarit during 2003. It will incorporate several key new features such as support for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Windows CE Edition, and Microsoft Access, and enhanced source control capabilities. As with every previous release of DeKlarit, the business frameworks build on previous versions of DeKlarit will be automatically upgraded to work with DeKlarit 3.0.


For more information on DeKlarit and a 30-day free trial version visit

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