I teach and  I asked one class of  students for  brief synopses of their
final production projects. (This class is a second semester Freshman or
first semester Sophomore level class.) I made a list of the synopses.

The more I looked at this list of synopses the more I fell in love with it
as a piece of writing and I started to want to adapt them with original

 I've I decided to take these synopses as written, give them to outside film
and video makers, and ask those artists for their own adaptation of
one synopsis,
resulting in a larger multi-collaborative work.

I'm seeking filmmakers to take on a synopsis and to make a new film that it
would suit.
I am looking for short pieces, 1 min to 1.5 minutes per synopsis.

Three film and video makers have already attached themselves to synopses. If
you are interested, please email and I'll send you the list, including the
synopses that have already been claimed.

Synopses will be assigned on a 'first come/first served' basis. I am hoping
to have all short pieces in hand by January 2012.

For the list of synopses, or for more information: prodc...@gmail.com
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