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I was very fortunate to attend a concert by British saxophonist Evan 
Parker on Saturday afternoon. Evan was playing with two excellent New 
England -based musicians whom I had never heard, Charles Farrell on 
piano, and Jim Schapperoew on drums.

The event started propitiously when I waled into the venue (The Lily 
Pad in Cambridge, a gallery with about 50 seats.), and Evan said "Hi, 
I'm Evan" and shook my mind. The music was splendid -- two extremely 
inventive and wide-ranging trio pieces and a circular-breathing 
soprano solo by Evan. It's pretty amazing to see someone play sax for 
15 minutes without pausing to take a breath.

I had my compact Lumix camera with me (as I usually do at such 
events), and took a lot of pictures using a technique I call 
'Swirlies'. I make Swirlies by taking one second time exposures while 
whirling the camera around with the camera in unlimited burst mode, 
which gives me approximately one picture a second. I get to look at 
each picture for a second, which allows me to improvise further 
camera moves in reaction to what I have just taken and the music  I 
am hearing.

I respectfully dedicate this photo essay to Evan Parker, and hope 
that his prediction that this is his last American tour (because of 
the  red tape it takes for foreigners to play here) proves to be 

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