For those of you that don't know about this great festival, PUNTO DE VISTA 
[1]is possibly the best film festival in Spain, dedicated to 'documentary 
films', it seeks to reward risk-taking and non-narrative approaches and has a 
strong accent on experimental films. Last week, Josetxo Cerdán, its artistic 
director, was told that due to severe budget cuts (despite the governing 
political party's supposed 'commitment to culture'), the festival would be no 

The Punto de Vista Festival has shown works by Raymond Depardon, Jean Vigo, 
David Perlov, Jay Rosenblatt, Alan Berliner, J. P. Sniadecki, James Benning, 
Naomi Uman, Lynne Sachs, Ben Rivers, Ross McElwee, Satô Makoto, Jem Cohen, 
Barbara Hammer, Ben Russell, among many others...

Please, take just a couple of minutes to support this Punto de Vistasigning the 
online petition here:


/On September 15th I received a phone call telling me that they were suspending 
the Eighth Edition of Punto de Vista to be celebrated 21st to 26th of February 
2012. / 

/Not only me, but part of the festival's team have been working hard since the 
month of May designing the program for the next edition. Almost 500 films have 
been submitted since the call for entries was announced on May./ 

/This ardous work of  four months together with some expenses regarding 
programming and production (such as maintenance and monitoring of 
registrations, traveling to other film festivals and shipments) is now wasted 
money. / /Next year's edition program is closed on a 90%. We designed the 
poster and the cinema campaign. Not to mention a private founding program that 
was requested early this summer and their response was coming in a short period 
of time. All personal, professional and economical efforts are now inevitably 
lost. This is happening at times where austerity policies prevail./ 

/Punto de Vista, in its 2011 edition reassured a strong and varied audience 
leaving behind its label of "elitist". A label that had unfairly haunted the 
festival since its own creation: I would rather say intelligent, not elitist. 
How can an activity that has a fee of three euros for each event be considered 
of elitist? Punto de Vista is a festival for the enjoyment of all the people of 
Navarra and for all those who came from abroad (from all corners of Spain and 
other countries) to Pamplona in order to attend the Festival. Visitors who came 
on february, the coldest month of the year to increase the community's economy 
on the tourist sector in terms of: hotel reservations, restaurant and bar 
consuming, transporting, etc./ 

/As I have said repeatedly, Punto de Vista have become one of the most 
important film events of  our country and also with an increasing recognition 
abroad (as it has been witnessed in some prestigious magazines like Cahiers du 
Cinéma, Sense of Cinema and Art Forum, among others). All this success with a 
total budget that was three to four times less than of any other spanish film 
festival in Spain with a same status on the quality of its programming.  / 

/The //UPN (Unión del Pueblo Navarro Party) stated on the past elections that 
Punto de Vista Film Festival should be the "Referral Program" in the film area 
of the current Navarra Government. //These "Referral Programs" were a series of 
initiatives that "Were needed of more funding to increase their activity and 

/(Muévete por Navarra, Electoral program. Unión del Pueblo Navarro 2011-2015, 
pg. 41)./ 

/Where are those election promises now? / 

/Where's the defense of a cultural activity with an //increasing recognition 
inside and outside of Navarra and Spain? / 

/Where is the commitment to a Navarre audience that this festival has 
consolidated over seven editions? / 

/And finally, where is the commitment to a whole group of professionals who 
have made it possible until now, and who already committed to filmmakers from 
different places such as Germany, Malaysia and the U.S.?/ 


Josetxo Cerdán 

Artistic Director of Point of View Festival 2012

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