Hello all,

I've had good luck with finding recommendations here for common repairs on Eiki 
projectors but I haven't been able to find anything about a similar problem 
that I've run into on an Elmo projector. Like the grommet/bushing inside the 
focus knob on Eiki's that turns into rubbery gunk, the black rollers that 
engage to guide the film through the slot close to the rear of the Elmo (3 or 4 
of them, one right by the exciter lamp for the optical reader) have decomposed 
into tar. In an Eiki, similar rollers are just white plastic i believe, but in 
this case they were some kind of rubber that obviously didn't have much of a 
shelf life. Any recommendations for what to replace these with? The heat shrink 
idea from David Tetzlaff's website worked perfectly for the focus knob, but I 
don't know that I could find any big enough for these rollers, or if that would 
be ideal for coming into contact with the film...Any ideas welcome!  Thanks so 

Mike Morris
Dallas, Texas
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